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Website Design


An affordable website design service in Whitstone, near Bude, Cornwall.

These days it is expected that a businesses have a website and is normally the way most of us look for information and contact details. By having a website you reach a wider audience than with traditional advertising.

Whether you are looking for a one page web presence or your own website I can tailor a package for you. Domain name registration and e-mail forwarding.

The cost of a website is not proportionate to the number of pages required.  A single page website still requires layout and design.  Developing the standard “look” for a single page can take almost as long as for multiple pages.


Small Site

Approximately 7 pages.

Full Website

Approximately 15 pages.

Additional Pages

A lot of websites start off with a few pages.  As your business develops you can add extra pages as required to reflect this.

Template Design

Using a pre designed template is a cost effective way of developing a web site, you have a choice of designs .  You can use your own photographs as well as having the advantage of using the  graphics which come with the template.

Updates and Modifications

This will cover most text and image changes.

Closed Website for Private Group

A website for a private group can be set up using Google Sites available through Google Drive.  Access to the site is by email invitation only.

I recognise that not everyone has the time to invest in a project like this therefore it is now a service which I offer. There are no yearly costs, the only cost to you being a set up fee of between £50 and £100. You would have full access to the site in your own Google Drive enabling you to edit and make changes.

Testimonial from Lorna

"I contacted Irene (website designer) for advice about a concept I wanted to make real to enable my learners to meet and share learning experiences around functional skills.

As a health and social care training advisor this is often a large part of my role and the qualification for learners with no previous certification of Maths and English, now a requirement for any further education. With this in mind and from talking to my learners, gaining an insight into their past and current experiences, the main thing that kept cropping up was the potential benefit of ‘study groups’ maintained by learners themselves. However, this had been difficult in practice due to time, location, work and personal lives.

As we are moving further into a technical age and SMART (my employment company) are making more and more use of digital and remote teaching resources, I wanted to try to set something up which could benefit my learners with minimal impact or time required from myself or the company. As we were not able to provide an administrator for a website or forum for example and wanted it to be a closed, private group for my group of learners, this is what Irene suggested.

 We talked about my overall aim and Irene had several suggestions as to how to meet this and was able to set up a prototype which we worked on collaboratively, editing and adding ideas and content and I am so pleased with the result. It is a simple but powerful tool to enable learners to independently develop themselves and with minimal impact on company time. Thank you Irene!"

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