Derived from the Saxon and Angle tribes

The Waters Surname

Some of the surnames listed in the Waters Family tree:

Izod, Brewer, Cottrill, Hitchins.

In the 5th Century, the fierce Saxon and Angle tribes migrated to England and pushed the ancient Britons to the frontiers of the island.

 The noble Waters family are descendants of these invading tribesmen. Originally, however, the Anglo-Saxon people were each known only by a single name. The process by which hereditary surnames were adopted in medieval England is an extremely interesting one. Surnames evolved during the Middle Ages, under ht e feudal system of government, and often reflected life on the manor and in the field. At this time, people began to assume an extra name to avoid confusion and to further identify themselves. Often they adopted names that denoted where a person came from. This type of surname, called local surname, was derived from place names: where a person lived, held land, or was born.

The name Waters is a local type of surname and the Waters family lived in Shropshire. The name Waters indicates that the original bearer of the name lived close to a prominent body of water such as a lake or river.